How to read a Balance Sheet like a novel and take control of your journey

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In this series, I will use a real case study to teach you how to interpret and analyse a balance sheet and what steps MDR Solutions developed and implemented for improving one of our customers businesses.  The Balance Sheet is a financial document illustrating the financial position of an individual or organization at a specific point in time. It is a snapshot …

how to improve your cash flow

How to improve your company cash flow?

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Despite the numerous financial ratios and analysis available to measure the business performance, we have found that the operating cycle is the single measure that enables understanding of how quickly you are transforming your resources into cash. Operating Cycle Operating Cycle is the sum of Stock Turnover and Debtor Collection.This measure should be consistently monitored and improving the speed at which …

Employee Fraud

Are “trusted” employees stealing from your business?

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In our many years of working with Small and Medium companies, we have seen some shocking examples of so-called “trusted” employees being dishonest and sometimes defrauding their employer. As a business grows, the founders inevitably rely on ” trusted” employees to perform critical tasks and lose the hands-on control of all that happens in their business. This provides an opportunity …


How to prepare for a recession

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Preparing for a recession is part of any well-managed business. When the signs of declining economic activity are felt, the business should have plans in place to ride the depressed climate and sustain activities through the difficult period.