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Tips for tough times

As the economy slows down and uncertainty prevails in the future of the business environment, it is wise to take action and ensure the sustainability of the business. It is also opportune to use the slow-down period to make strategic, structural and system changes that will not only get you through the tough time but also stand you for better results when the cycle turns. The key tips to to survive these challenging periods are: 1. Review the strategy and focus on consolidation and viability, Continue reading →

How productive is your business

Despite the numerous financial ratios and analysis available to measure the business performance, we have found that operating cycle is the single measure that enables understanding of how quickly you are transforming your resources into cash. OPERATING CYCLE is the sum of Stock Turnover and Debtor Collection. This measure should be consistently monitored and improving the speed at which you turn you stock into cash the less working capital you require and the quicker you can grow the business. In our next post, we will Continue reading →